Life Just Takes Over. I have no excuse for not updating this blog, nearly every day it crosses my mind to share with you all the ups and downs of my life here in the Morvan. I am still working hard on different projects and at long last the little cottage is finished, though more on that in another post. We are just a few weeks away from Christmas and the weather has turned cold. The perfect time to sit by the wood burner and resurrect this website. The internet has changed so much since I started the blog and I have so many new and exciting tools to share with you. So, I hope you will come Read more!

Website How to set up

  Website How to set up. I am often asked  "Was it easy setting up the  Morvan Ladies website?"  All I can say is, it was a big learning curve and lots of research to find the best tools and products to get Morvan Ladies looking as I wanted it to. So I thought  I would pass on what I have learned.  I have written a short step-by-step guide to setting up a self-hosting website or blog. I hope it will help you get started on your blog or website, be it for fun or business. I  will also be adding an "Understanding WordPress" guide soon, so you can understand how this great platform Read more!

10 Things To Do Before You Rent Out Your Gite

10 Things To Do Before You Rent Out Your Gite If you are the owner of a holiday home, or gite as they're called here in France, this is the time of the year you start preparing for this year's guests. With the creation of websites like   AirBnB, Bookit and Trip Advisor marketing your holiday home, the competition is tough and your property has to deliver on a number of points. Depending on where your holiday home is located and the severity of your winters, the opening up of your home will require different jobs and procedures. Here in Burgundy the temperature can sometimes get as low Read more!

Seats Please

 Take your Seats Please. In the Roman town of Autun, which is situated on the south-eastern edge of the Morvan, I stumbled upon a lovely little shop on a cobbled street near to the Cathedral, St-Lazare, in the old town. It's located next to two of my favorite restaurants - more  about  those in another post. The newly opened tapisserie d' ameublement, is appropriately named  "Seats Please". Anne -Laure Roty, the owner, has spent the last few years traveling the world, honing her craft. Spending her apprenticeship in France,she worked with traditional upholstery artisans, before traveling Read more!

Handy App

The Restoration of the small cottage is finally finished. Just a few small items to finish off, as there always are in any project. You promise yourself you will finish them today, but never do. I have found a nice little app that I think will help. It's called 'Site Report'. This simple app lets you keep track of those items that need finishing/ snag list. It will create a pdf file for your unfinished projects. You just upload your photos and notes. For iPhone and iPad: iTunes Store: 'Site Report' £2.29 Another simple free app that I am using at the moment  is' Photo Pen'. This handy Read more!