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Website How to set up

  Website How to set up. I am often asked  "Was it easy setting up the  Morvan Ladies website?"  All I can say is, it was a big learning curve and lots of research to find the best tools and products to get Morvan Ladies looking as I wanted it to. So I thought  I would pass on what I have learned.  I have written a short step-by-step guide to setting up a self-hosting website or blog. I hope it will help you get started on your blog or website, be it for fun or business. I  will also be adding an "Understanding WordPress" guide soon, so you can understand how this great platform Read more!

Stay Safe App

Stay Safe App I did a post a few weeks  back  on 15 Safety Tip for a Single Girl. I just wanted to do a quick up date, as I have found two handy Stay Safe apps that could be of great help and even might save a life. This first one is Tokn I have downloaded this and I am using this at the moment. It can be used in so many situations. Perfect for these damp and foggy mornings, if you are out walking country lanes or roads with the dog. I'm  making sure my 84-year-old mum puts this on her phone, love this one.   Let Tokn know.Then go. "Leave a note with Tokn when you're doing Read more!

Tool Time

Now ladies lets talk tools, not those pretty pink ones that companies manufacture towards us women, but tools that actually work and get the job done.   A recent survey in the United Kingdom, stated that 60% of women are doing-it-themselves, and it's the single women households, which are driving the female DIY boom. It would appear that men's practical skills are in decline!! Perhaps like most women of a certain age, who are on their own, when it comes to something that needs fixing, I have to think carefully. The cost of getting the job done by a professional and hoping I Read more!