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10 Things To Do Before You Rent Out Your Gite

10 Things To Do Before You Rent Out Your Gite If you are the owner of a holiday home, or gite as they're called here in France, this is the time of the year you start preparing for this year's guests. With the creation of websites like   AirBnB, Bookit and Trip Advisor marketing your holiday home, the competition is tough and your property has to deliver on a number of points. Depending on where your holiday home is located and the severity of your winters, the opening up of your home will require different jobs and procedures. Here in Burgundy the temperature can sometimes get as low Read more!

Itinerant Child

  Welcome, Itinerant Child I was going to start by saying a huge bonjour to all you beautiful Morvan Ladies, but then backed out from this, as if you don't know who I am, it may have come across as just another dirty middle-aged bloke on the pull!! I will start with a basic bonjour for now. Who the hell am I? You are obviously and rightfully asking, well I best  give you an introduction to the wonderful world of Jamie aka Itinerant child. I am a Welsh 42 year young traveling landscape gardener who specializes in dry stone walling, which due to living in my camper, I do Read more!