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The Restoration of the small cottage is finally finished. Just a few small items to finish off, as there always are in any project. You promise yourself you will finish them today, but never do.
I have found a nice little app that I think will help. It’s called ‘Site Report’. This simple app lets you keep track of those items that need finishing/ snag list. It will create a pdf file for your unfinished projects. You just upload your photos and notes. For iPhone and iPad: iTunes Store: ‘Site Report’ £2.29


Site Report

Another simple free app that I am using at the moment  is’ Photo Pen’. This handy app lets you take a photo of your unfinished project, You can then use the red or yellow pens to draw on the photo or use the text box to make notes. I then send an email to myself as a reminder and delete when the job is done. For iPhone and iPad: iTunes  ‘Photo Pen’, Free

photo pen

How great is this!

I am now in the planning stages of restoring the large farmhouse. One thing I have learnt while restoring the cottage, is to get organized before you start. It saves money and time if you plan ahead. Designing the cottage’s 340 sq feet of living space was a challenge. Even so ,I did manage to create a comfortable and affordable home out of what was basically an out-building used to store wood.

cottage before shutters

Not bad for a wood shed.

The farmhouse’s 1,780 sq feet will be a larger project. So more thought will have to go into the layout of the rooms – using the architectural elements in the building like the old stone fireplace, beams and barn door.

Farmhouse beams

Farmhouse beams

I want to create a light and airy space, but still keep its French farmhouse character. I am looking forward to designing the interior, so I can use some of the wonderful items I have collected over the years for that authentic French brocante look.
Last year I replaced the roof structure with recycled roof tiles . This was a big job , as all the tiles were pressure washed by me before going back on the roof. So the house is now dry and without the risk of the roof caving in on me.

Tiles dirt


tiles clean 2

I lost count of how many I cleaned

The first thing is to start with a floor plan. I found another nice simple app called ‘Room Scan Pro’. I wish I knew about this app before I spent $100.00 on a hand-held machine to measure the rooms. I could have saved myself $95.00!. There is also a free version, but I upgraded to the pro version, as I wanted the added doors and windows element.


roomscan from iTunes

It’s a simple app to use – just hold your phone or iPad up against each wall. You’ll see the room’s floor plan come together with lengths and floor area dimensions . No tape measure needed! For iPad and IPhone: iTunes RoomScan Pro £3.99
It’s not easy working on a restoration project, and doing it on your own is hard work. With so many decisions to make, you are architect, project manager, builder and labourer all rolled into one.

Bee hives

Bee hives

Buying a restoration project in France was my dream of living mortgage free as well as enjoying the French way of life. The simple life of growing your own food, keeping chickens and tending bee hives appealled to me. Why do so many of us have this dream? I would love to hear from you if you have a similar dream.


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