Through these pages and post you will meet like-minded people living their dream. Single, married, working and  retired, we all came here to  capture a sense of community, of being with nature. We all came for different reasons but stay for the same. We love our way of life here!

Saulieu is a town about 6 miles from my village. It’s a wonderful market town and is also located within the Morvan.

It’s famous for Francois Pompon Sculptor, and the 3 star Michelin hotel and restaurant of Bernard Loiseau. The Morvan regional natural park covers 430,000 acres. Morvan means Black Mountain in Celtic. It’s known for its forest which over the centuries supplied the rest of France with firewood, as it is still doing today.  Though more recently Christmas tree plantations supplies the rest of France, it’s Sapin de Noël.

The women became wet nurses for wealth Paris families and government orphanages. In the second world war it became a hide out for the Resistance, as it was so harsh and inaccessible. So people have lived a self-sufficient life for centuries here in the Morvan. The wine growers in the Cote d’Or have a saying “No good wind and no good people come out of the Morvan” but I have met creative,successful, confident,ambitious,curious, vulnerable, spiritual, sensitive, kind and very self-reliant Morvan Ladies.

There is also another French saying, which  has become my motto. “Petit a petit l’oiseau fait son nid” translated “little by little the bird builds its nest”. I am one of many strong women, who have chosen to have an adventure in mid-life, here in the Morvan.

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